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Artificial Intelligence; You’ve heard of Siri from the Iphone, or even Sophia the robot, but here’s the best of both worlds.



Found online at
It responds with human like qualities and learns from talking to humans, so USE AT YOUR OWN RISK, as things it says could be inappropriate.

As human as its responses may be, the creators say at no point EVER, will a human be talking to another human while on the Clever bot site.

I just asked it “how much is too much?”
it responded ” too much is too much”

you can also ask it ” how much is love?”
and it will tell you “more than pizza”

There’s even a button that makes it ask you a question….


It just asked me”What is the most important principle of Darwinian Evolution?”

I have no idea what to say….But after a minute of thinking of a response,  I came up with this;
The fact that Darwin Proved to everyone a turtle is strong enough for you ride.

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