Human? you funny.

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This ones a real head shaker, a real quiet giggle if you will. None of that lol stuff.


a toothbrush is in fact….










a Teethbrush

And just in case you were thinking it, maybe you weren’t, but if we did in fact call it a teethbrush, we would also call toothpaste; teethpaste.


Go figure….

Yes, it does pain me sometimes to be this “woke”. Mostly pain from smiling too hard at these darn things.

I call them a bone to pick and it’s ideas like this, that are explored just after lunch hour mid-days.

Just in case you clicked because of the picture. you should know it is fake.
It was used as as marketing campaign from a teeth whitening dental company known as “Hi Smile”

On average an adult should have 32 teeth in their mouth, but HiSmile’s photo features around 60.

It was posted to Instagram back in August 2019 with the caption: “We’ll whiten ALL your teeth. Tag a friend to trigger them.”

Now that’s something you can say “stuggats” to.

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