Inkigayo Sandwich – What Happens when Egg Salad Meets Strawberry Jam

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The Inkigayo Sandwich comes to us from a South Korean TV program of the same name.  It is apparently quite trendy there and popular with Korean pop stars.  I don’t quite understand how one led to the other, but who cares?  Let’s make an Inkigayo Sandwich!

The sandwich is a combination of coleslaw, egg salad and strawberry jam.  Those aren’t things most people I know would ever consider combining.  Maybe that is fitting commentary for a sandwich presumably invented for an overseas music program.  At any rate, it’s sandwich-making time.


Pictured are the main ingredients to this sandwich.  The eggs, potatoes and artificial crab are going into the egg salad.  The cabbage looks a bit squashed because it is a Taiwanese cabbage, which seems only different in shape.  Not pictured are a bit of salt, sugar and pepper.

I haven’t been able to find an exact recipe for this sandwich, just vague notions of the ingredients in it.  But I know what a sandwich is supposed to look like, so I’ll just wing it.

Step One – Egg Salad

The most intensive step is the egg salad.  The potatoes need to be cooked, which are easily cooked in the microwave.  Let the eggs boil for 15 minutes or so, the potatoes will take about six minutes to cook, flip them over about halfway through.

Make sure to poke a fork into them a few times to allow for steam to escape.  I’ve heard they can explode if you don’t.  I’m not brave enough to verify that, so I just stick them with a fork.

The potatoes and eggs have to be peeled, it’s best to let them cool before you try.  Once they are free of their exteriors, get the eggs and potatoes into a bowl for mixing. Add in the mayo and some salt, pepper and sugar to taste.

Work that all together until it looks like egg salad.

From here, cut up some imitation crab and that will go in as well.  Again, I don’t have a recipe so I’m just using amounts that look right.

Stir it in and the first ingredient is done.

Step Two – Coleslaw

The coleslaw is rather simple.  I pulled a few leaves off of the cabbage and cut it into long and narrow strips.

Those gets mixed with some mayonnaise and a bit of ketchup to impart some sweetness.

Stir that together and the second ingredient is done.

Step Three – Strawberry Jam

It’s strawberry jam.  Get it in a jar at the store or make your own.  I have home made, but it really doesn’t matter.

Step Four – Assembly

Here’s where we’re at: ingredients and the bread onto which they must go.

There’s lots of bread involved in this sandwich, so let’s get it started with one piece slathered in coleslaw.

Add another piece of bread on top and spread the strawberry jam on that.

Yet another piece of bread to accommodate the egg salad.

Top it with that fourth slice of bread and we finally have a sandwich.

Step Five – Presentation

We aren’t done yet!  Apparently it is important that the sandwich be served without crusts.  So those will have to be cut off.

It does give a bit of a striking profile, but you may have noticed it is a bit thick.  There is a solution for that too, but let’s get those crusts fully removed.

And now it’s time to make it squashy!  The filling would also squeeze out the sides if we just pressed down on it now, so it will have to be wrapped in plastic to keep in all that goodness.

Get is all nice and tucked in, then it’s time for cutting.  Give it a diagonal slice to make it look nice and voila!

It sure is something, isn’t it?

What it definately isn’t is worth the effort.  It tastes… fine.  Nothing special really. Certainly better tasting than the ingredient list would lead you to believe but I can’t see myself making it again.  On the upside, it is filling.  That isn’t too surprising as this is basically two whole sandwiches glued together.

I do like the egg/potato/imitation crab salad.  I could see that being an upgrade to the same old potato salad during summer BBQs.  Otherwise, it is all just too labour intensive.  Cutting off the crusts isn’t probably necessary, but even leaving that out it’s too much work for just one sandwich.  I also think it’s a bit wasteful to just toss the crusts into the trash.



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