“I’ve got a bone to pick”

 In NCI News

According to Newtons third law, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
For something to be “up”, there has to be a “down”. Other wise  what is it up comared to? can’t be up if there’s no down.

With this in mind, I’ve got a problem today, with the word upset.

WHY is there no opposite. Down set.
Again, there has to be a down to that up, because how else would it be up, if there’s no down to make it up. It would be just set. right?

Another thing, why is it you feel down, but at the same time your upset.

Those are not opposites.

The opposite of feeling down is happy, and the opposite of upset is not happy.

So again, I ask. Why does such a word exist, surely that word could be replaced, with so many other words. which it is, like for example; distressed, frustrated, troubled, flustered, agitated, hurt, annoyed…
Point is there is already so many words out there all meaning the same thing.

Does this word really have to exist? Look at where it got us. Down the rabbit hole right here.

or even why not make the word “down set” a thing.


That’s my bone to pick for the day.

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