“I’ve got a bone to pick”

 In NCI News

“Fighting the misinformation in this world”


Lets explore this saying


“Don’t swim after you eat”



Eating does not give you cramps in the water.



At first, I was confused as to why people might say this!

As I started to explore this thought process, I started to understand why.

The answer is food, simple enough; because why else would you get kids not to eat before swimming.
they wanted the food for themselves, while the kids went swimming.

Either that or somebody coincidentally got cramps after eating and kept experiencing it as a recurring coincidence.

Humanity just going around saying things we don’t fully understand. lol smh

There is some truth to it however, because being full makes you shorter of breath than you would usually would without a belly of food.

That’s been my bone to pick for the day

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