Jackhead Reserve: alien free since at least 1993

Here is perhaps some of the most obvious news you will hear all day… a UFO has not crashed in Manitoba.

Social media sites have been a buzz about little green men, flying saucers and a heavy military presence in the area of Jackhead reserve.

There is no truth to the invaders or their space craft, though the bit about the Canadian military is real, but has a much more earthly explanation.

Forces members are on an annual exercise called Operation Arctic Bison and they’re in Jackhead because some of the snowmobiles they were using to cross Lake Winnipeg broke down.

A statement from the military says they’ll be moving on shortly from Jackhead as they take the remaining working snowmobiles north towards Grand Rapids.

Jackhead has been the subject of a previous report of an Unidentified Flying Object.  According to the website of the Canadian UFO Survey, there was a single green light observed by one person in the community back on November 7, 1993.

— Garth Hilderman

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