Legend Of The White Dragon

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Jason David Frank; famous for playing the most powerful of the rangers, is breaking free from studio rules!


A daring move from the original Power Ranger! Jason David Frank gets the help of his friends to create his own take on the Power Rangers Universe.

Using established martial artists from already established you tube action stars, they bring to life a harsh, gritty, realistic take on the series.

The actors who play the Power Rangers in this teaser, are part of the Bat In The Sun channel.
Bat In The Sun, takes superheroes and pits them against each other in live-action. Deadpool Vs. Deathstroke for example.
The winners are determined by votes and not actual powers.

Not Set In Stone

With a time limit of about 4 weeks, already half of that is gone.
The project is all or nothing with the goal of hitting $500,000 dollars. Any excess funds raised will go toward the production of the movie.

It is a crowdfunding project with only 16 days left as of this writing. At its current pace it doesn’t look good, but things can always change.

Here’s the trailer:

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