Life happens and sometimes you don’t even know it!

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Life happens all around us yo! So this blog will explore some facts of life that you might not be aware of.

  • Blinking
    -It’s actually technically a micro nap. Studies show from Washington University that blinking is actually helping improve sharpness as well as serving as a mini Recharge.


  • Unwashed Hair Helps The Environment
    -Studies done at the Missouri University of Technology & science show that oils in the scalp help absorb air pollution.


  • Humans Glow
    -Just not enough so that we could see. It’s actually one thousand times less intense than what the human eye can pick up. This one comes from Japan, where people glow the least at 10 A.M, and glow the most at 4 P.M


  • Your Stomach Can Dissolve Razor Blades
    -First things first, DO NOT eat razors.  Studies done at the Meridia Huron Hospital show that metals in the stomach after 24 hours seen a reduction in size by over 60 percent.


  • Sneezes Can Travel Over 20 ft. Away
  • – A study done at MIT has shown that sneezes can travel that far man…  if you think you were far enough from germs think again.


  • Your Hair Knows When Your Sleeping
    – A study done at the Yamaguchi University, shows that human hair follicles are cell rich and contain something called RNA which comes from “clock genes”. Basically if you woke up late, your hair will know it, and show it.


  • Taste Buds Dull With Age
    – This one comes down to just simple humanity. Eventually everything decreases; your eye sight, your hearing. taste buds are no exception. the only thing it happens a generation early in females which usually start at 50 and men starting at 60 years old.


  • Half Of Your Hand Strength Is All In The Pinkie
    – This fact found out by a hand therapist working at a rehabilitation center in Washington. Basically if you lose your pinkie, you just lost fifty percent of your hand strength.


  • Humans Have More Than Five Senses
  1. Proprioception is sense of space
  2. Nociception is sense of pain
  3. Equilibrioception  is sense of balance
  4. Thermoception is sense of temperature in and around the body
  5. Temporal perception  is sense of timeThere ya go. some life you didn’t even know was happening.


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