Little Tikes toy car gets the real deal treatment

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Two brothers in the UK decided to make a real life working version of their classic childhood toy.

Brothers John and Geof Bitmead own a auto shop, and noticed a striking similarity between the Daewoo Matiz and their child hood toy. So they decided they would fabricate and customize the small car to the toy of their childhood.

At a cost of $5,000 dollars (U.S) the Daewoo Matiz was transformed into the worlds largest cozy coupe.

Cozy coupe is the name given to the little Tikes toy car.
It even received the title of the worlds largest Cozy Coupe, as given by The Guinness Book Of World Records.



The brothers no longer own the little beast, as sales of it did not go as well as they’d hoped.
It was eventually sold on Ebay to some lucky customer for

It reaches speeds of up to 110 km/h and features everything a regular car does. Airbags, seat belts, mirrors, and headlights.

It is custom built, which means nobody is making them for retail.

[PHOTOSOURCE: John&Geof Bitmead]
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