Longest Word ever

 In NCI News

At 189,819 letters; its more than all the words in the dictionary, which is just 171,476 words.

It is the Chemical name of titin, the largest known protein.
Though it is technical, and disputed to be an actual word, it exists non the less.
It also cannot be found in a dictionary, because why would anyone wanna try add a word that’s more letters than all the actual dictionary.

The dictionary is already thick enough.

Now, I just spent every which way I know how trying to fit that word into here.
For the life of me, the website just refused to handle it.
Couldn’t copy and paste the whole thing, because the computer just crashes.
For a while I was able to; by copying and pasting paragraphs. That is until I reached the middle, which is about a hundred thousand letters in; the computer just starts crashing again.
so If you want to see for yourself, click here

Here’s a partial screenshot of it.
The Wikipedia page says it takes over an hour for a full pronunciation.
I feel like those people should get an award for saying it one try.


I even tried to post it to Facebook, but evidently they only allow status’s 63,206 characters long.

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