Madonna attempts to house Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

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All while throwing shade at Canada



Its no secret that Megan Markle and Prince Harry have left their royal duties to become indepedant.

Part of their plan is to settle in Canada, but now Madonna wants to house the couple.

Well more so an offer.
She wants them to ditch Canada because its apparently it’s boring here.
The offer is to sublet her apartment in central park west, New York City.


That’s a lot of love, to offer someone the apartment of  people’s dreams. That’s how it sounds anyway.
Madonna went on to say that even Buckingham Palace has nothing on Central Park West.

What a way to stay relevant eh, I mean she could have privately asked them, instead she went this route, posted to social media, throwin shade at Canada. Way to go Madonna.

See Madonna’s post below 🙂



You might remember too just last month, the Burger King Food chain took to Twitter to offer Harry employment.

That you can find here



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