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Visiting some old hilarious epiphanies


WILL POWER! There’s only one thing that can beat it…..WON’T POWER.


A cactus is just a heavily armored cucumber.

If you have to Question it, than its already questionable.

A tank is a train that brings its own tracks.


All shoes are buy one get one free.

Despite being red and green Watermelons are never associated with Christmas.

Thanks to humans, robots invaded Mars.

At some point in Time, a chicken crossed the road and we will never actually know why.

SunGlasses: They make you see less, so you can see more.

I can play every instrument! just not very well.

With great power also comes great electric bill.

You know how dolphins always jump out of the water. Well what if they are just trying to fly and refuse to give up.

No matter which way you think about it. Popcorn is explosive!

Everyone thinks dragons breath fire. Truth is that they don’t. They only exhale it.

Technically golf carts are sports cars.

Buying a bigger bed means less bedroom.

After high school, it’s not summer vacation. It’s unemployment.

Technically we’re all time travelers. We just all move forward at the same speed.

Plants are relentlessly trying to take over the world, however we just very calmly beat them back every week or two.




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