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Since he lives in Bikini Bottom, does that mean we live in Bikini Top?

Another thing! Spongebob doesn’t float! What’s up with that!




Star Wars

At the start of every Star wars film is the yellow credits that scroll by….
Well I like to think they are still scrolling out there somewhere!

In that universe, there exists planets that are one entire Eco system.
Jungle planets, swamp planets, desert planets….. makes me think. Their minds would probably be blown to find out Earth has every single ecosystem on our one planet.

Fluent in over 6 million forms of communication! There is one form he would definitely suck at. – Sign Language!





Lois Lane didn’t always know that Clark Kent was Superman. This means she cheated on Clark with Superman!

Superman gets his power from the sun. This means he is solar powered.

“Its a bird! It’s a plane! No, its superman! everyone knows the saying. I heard it again recently. I thought to myself, that guy was excited to see a bird!





Goldilocks & The Three little bears

Mama Bear and Papa bear slept in different beds. Raises a lot of questions if you ask me. Maybe their only staying together for Baby Bear!








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