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Remixing the dictionary one word at a time, with the bone to pick..


Weekdays at 12:10 p.m I take random things to have a problem with.


Mostly its things that are silly, and don’t make sense on their own.

In other words, We’re turning the ordinary to extraordinary


“We PARK in a DRIVE way, yet we DRIVE in a PARKWAY!


Completely opposite.

We should be parking in a park way, and driving in a drive way, yet, it is not that way.

Someone just decided this would the way of things, and another thing!

Whats the deal with a FREEWAY?

There’s nothing free about it. You still have the rules, and  its not like you can just get off a free way any place and time, only on off ramps. So why, is a freeway called that?

Humanity, you make us shake our heads yet again.


That’s my bone to pick for the day.


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