Most Overused Words & Phrases In 2020

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What words or phrases from 2020 could you leave behind and hope to not ever hear them again? Did quarantine make it on this list? What do you think?

Lake Superior State University in Michigan released a list of words and phrases that we are tired of hearing and /or saying.  I bet you already know most of them, and sadly they aren’t going away in 2021 anytime soon.

Here we go:

  1. “COVID-19”, “coronavirus” and “rona”
  2. “Social distancing.”
  3. “We’re all in this together.”
  4. “Out of an abundance of caution.”
  5. “In these uncertain times.”
  6. “Pivot.”
  7. “Unprecedented.”
  8. “Karen.”
  9. “Sus.” It’s short for suspicious.
  10. “I know, RIGHT?”


Were they bang on? Do you have others to add? ****Jordan Knight

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