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I wanted to put a list together of my 5 favorite country songs to listen to in the car, at a house party, or if I’m just bored…


Here they are:

To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before by Willie Nelson & Julio Iglesias – It’s not an upbeat jam by any stretch of the imagination but during my younger years as a bouncer at various nightclubs & bars, I would have the DJ put this song on towards closing time and really kill the upbeat youngsters’ party vibe… Brilliant if you ask me, a tremendous song nonetheless.


Guitars, Cadillacs by Dwight Yoakam – I remember this song as a kid on one of my Grampa’s K-Tel mixtapes that he ordered on CKND or MTN or something. It was this song that he would sit by a fire and knock a few lite adult beverages back. Not to mention, it’s in the Terminator movie. Great song.


All My Exes Live in Texas by George Strait – This song was also on the mixtape my Grampa had, except he used to say it was my song. “It’s your song, my boy, hurry up.” He’d yell whenever it would come on. Sometimes I sing it and change the lyrics to ‘All My Exes Live in Peguis’ …but I don’t have any exes in Peguis… yet.


Neon Moon by Brooks & Dunn – My favorite country band of all-time, I could have made this list entirely into Brooks & Dunn songs, but I figured I should be fair with it. Just listen to Neon Moon. That’s why it’s my favorite. What a track. 10 thumbs up.


She & I by Ernest Monias – Ernest puts his own unique spin on a track first done by Alabama. If I didn’t tell you that I bet you wouldn’t have even known it was an Alabama song first, that’s where a lot of Ernest’s talent comes in, making a song his own. I love the song and I love Ernest, he’s one of the all-time greats!


There it is, my FAV-5 country songs, if you wanna see any other FAV-5’s, let a neechi know.

  • Stefan
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