My Journey Into Radio on World Radio Day!

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I can truly say that I knew I would end up in radio somehow, even before starting my professional wrestling career in high school, I figured that after my body broke down and I wouldn’t be able to do it anymore that radio would be a great way to make a living… Here we are in 2019 and that’s exactly what has happened. I was 13 when I started learning to be a wrestler, 15 when I started travelling and working on live shows in front of crowds and 23 when I stopped wrestling a “full” schedule, as full as I could make it I guess. It was when I stopped pursuing the dream is maybe a better way to put it. I had wrestled in Japan and that was the goal. I had nothing left, I knew that WWE wouldn’t want me because I didn’t have the chiseled muscled look that they were looking for in that era. So I figured what better way to make a living that to continuing talking trash into a microphone. That was the one skill I had head and shoulders over anyone else that was involved in the Manitoba Wrestling Scene at the time, give or take 1 or 2 other great talents. I couldn’t do flips or hit a bunch of cool moves but I could make people care about what I said. Much like Hulk Hogan could with a microphone.


The dream was over when I was 23 and I fumbled around life for about 4 years before hitting broadcasting school and then another 3 years before I landed full time work in radio and I feel like it was well worth the wait because even with my body aching the way it does at 31 years old. I feel like this is home and where I was supposed to be all along. Mind you I wouldn’t have learned to talk as much s*** as I did if I hadn’t had the experiences wrestling. Happy World Radio Day! I’m very happy to be a small part of the machine that is NCI and the radio industry.

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