National days for anything

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I guess these days, you can dedicate a day to anything. Take a look at what this day is dedicated to, and it’s more than one.

-National Garbage Man Day

A day in which we honor all sanitation engineers. An essential part of society that keeps our cities and towns garbage bag free.
This one actually lasts the week.


-National Eat Your Vegetables Day

Because we all need a little reminder sometimes.
Turns out the whole month of June is National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month.




-National Cherry Tart Day

Who really needs an excuse to dedicate anything really to food though.



-National Apple Strudel Day

There are many flavors of strudel, but only has a day.




National Stewart’s Root Beer Day

It’s kind of a shame we never heard of this one, because I sure haven’t.
I’ve heard of Dads Root Beer, and A&W Root Beer, but not Stewart’s.
Makes me think if its just a friend named Stewart having a root beer, instead of it being a brand name.


There you have it. Things Nations dedicated a day too.




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