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The kookoms, chooms and chapans of Manitoba!

Immense knowledge, histories of lessons passed down, legends of wetigoo and even Sasquatch.

All done in indigenous languages, and uploaded to Youtube under the channel NCI MANITOBA


Since the videos are done in the language, descriptions are always under way and being attached to videos, so if there isn’t one. It’s on the way 🙂



One story talks about how a boy; eleven years old.

Not yet strong enough to pull animals from traps, though he is sent to check on them only.
Being in a time of no dog sleds or machinery, the boy made the days journey to check the traps.

The boy (Thomas Dettanikkeaze) spoke that just before he arrived to the traps, he came upon two Inuit men.

The Inuit men had with them a load of fine furs and clothing. They had noticed that the boy was not properly dressed.

They Inuit men speaking a different language than that of the boy communicated that they wanted to gift him with a winter outfit.
he later found out that the wares were meant trade and sale in the nearby trading post.

What he was adorned with was of very high quality.
He also speaks about there being not much of a selection for kids sizes in said times (20’s to 40’s) that what he wore, was the first time something fit him perfectly.


He ends the story with saying there was nothing in the traps.

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