New Streaming Service to launch in November

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Streaming services are about to get a whole lot more competitive.


Disney + is launching in November and is already catching the attention of just everyone.

With an aim on quality instead of quantity, the service will have a smaller content selection than other competitors.

The first year is aimed to launch 7,500 TV shows and 500 movies.  Compared to Netflix’s 47,000 TV shows and 4000 movies.

Attracting new customers as well, will be the price point of the service which is noticeably less expensive compared to its competitors.

Currently Netflix’s price points are monthly subscriptions only and offer the price based on the resolution of content you want.
Starting at $7.99 for a NON-HD plan all the way up to 4k resolution plan at $15.99.

Compare that with Disney + monthly subscription of $ 6.99 or a yearly subscription at $69.99.

With its recent acquisition of the Fox network, you can bet you’ll see content from:

  • Disney
  • Pixar
  • Star Wars
  • Marvel
  • National Geographic
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