New Trend: Got a Teenage Daughter? Throw a Period Party

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Period parties…yep, they’re a thing. Now before you roll your eyes or say “that’s gross”, it’s really not a bad idea once you know why.  Besides, there’s food, friends and some unusual cakes!

Periods can bring unnecessary anxiety for teenagers experiencing their first menstruation. Now, parents have come up with a way to combat this stress by hosting period parties for their daughters.

It’s not as crazy as it sounds.  It’s a way to help teen girls get comfortable with this time in their lives.  They invite their friends over, they talk about it and between the ewwws and the laughs, there’s a parent on hand to help answer questions that they may be too embarrassed to ask.

Besides, there’s cake and  party supplies include all things red…of course! Red Velvet cake, red drinks, red foods and red decorations.


Check out some of the more unusual cakes and treats…


What do you think now, good idea or bad idea? ****Jordan Knight

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