New weapon unleashed in the battle for coffee supremacy

 In NCI News

It’s all in the interest of the customer; large coffee companies battling for your dollar.

The year of 2019 kicked off with some real good coffee bids.
Tim Horton’s with their Roll Up The Rim To Win, and McCafe with their dollar coffee deals.
But now long gone are the days of dollar coffee from McCafe, but with that chapter ending, a new one begins; The fast food chain McDonald’s just launched in January, the double dipping coffee sticker awards program. Its basically the same psychical sticker that goes on a coffee card except this one is all digital and is tracked through the McD’s app.

This is all in the middle of a heated discussion online that Tim’s is no longer Canadians favorite coffee.
The coffee giant listened and responded in the form of a rewards program that’s similar, but offers more than just coffee.

Tim Horton’s is now offering a free Tea, Coffee, or baked good after every seventh visit where you spend fifty cents or more with visits at-least half an hour apart.

I recommend Both the McDonald, app as well as the Tim’s app for deals and just good coffee with benefits.



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