Newest console announced with black and white games only

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It’s small, yellow and simple. It features a black and white only screen, with just two buttons and a crank. 



App developers responsible for countless quality apps for both IOS and Android are now putting their twist on hand held gaming.
The company known as “Panic” just announced its new console the “PlayDate”


Here are the facts:

-Starting price will be $149.99

-Included with purchase is 12 games released over a period of 12 weeks

– There will be no cartridges for it’s games, it will be all digital

-The only buttons are the A and B buttons with the D-pad (most controllers have an average of 11 to 16 buttons)

-All the usual features like Bluetooth, earphone jack, Wi-fi

-Powered and charged with a Usb-C port

-No, the crank does not power the console, but rather is used as a analog controller

-It only comes in color= yellow

-It will be available for pre-order late 2020




It will be interesting to see how this one plays out, especially since black and white screens were phased out 18 years ago.

That’s the year Game boy color came out and changed everything.

With a cutting edge design it has an aesthetic unlike anything before it.

Its Retro but updated.


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