Not every plastic container is re-usable

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Before the time of smart phones, humans would read anything they had around them. You’ve seen it but probably never occurred to you what it means; the plastic triangle with a number at its center.

#1 – PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate)


The most common of containers contain this plastic.
It is intended for single use applications.
Repeated use increases the risk of leaching and bacterial growth.

Products with this label should not be reused, but recycled.



#2 – HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene)

Another commonly used plastic found in most containers.
This because the plastic doesn’t break down due to sunlight, or temperature extremes.
It is also the “safest” among plastics.
This one can be re-used and recycled


#3 – PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

This ones used to protect against Sunlight and weather.
this plastic is used in cables, cooking oil bottles and even plastic pipes.
This plastic can be found in animal toys and baby teethers as well as Clear plastic food wrap, which are %100 safe.

Reusable in some situations, but only %1 is recycled.


#4 – LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene)

This plastic is used in Bread bags, Squeezable bottles, and even plastic bags.
Reusable in some situations but not widely recycled.


#5 – PP (Polypropylene)

Serves with Excellent heat resistance, but also to resistance to moisture, chemicals and even grease.

Can be found on bottle tops, re-useable diapers, and the cover for your margarine or butter container, and even potato chip bags.
It is considered safe for re-use but is not widely recycled.


#6 – PS (Polystyrene)

Lightweight and inexpensive it can be found in Styrofoam, plastic cutlery, and disposable drinking cups.
It is considered safe for its intended one time use, but should be avoided if possible as this plastic is not widely recycled. DO NOT MICROWAVE FOOD IN THIS CONTAINER-as heating it could leach harmful “styrene”.


#7 – Other (BPA, Polycarbonate and LEXAN

Used for sippy cups, baby bottles and water coolers.
Considered safe and use-able only for intended use and when the symbol is accompanied by a “PLA”

There ya have it, some knowledge for your noggin’.





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