Not One bad movie yet (except for maybe the cars trilogy)

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24 years and 20 feature films later, they are a huge cultural phenomenon; The Pixar Universe. 
It all started in 1995 when Toy story was released, since than they have been an immense culture for kids and adults alike.


The latest to hit theaters is Toy story 4, and already its receiving rave reviews. 98% on Rotten Tomatoes, and 9/10 from IMDB, with Meta Critic giving it 84%
Compare that to the first Toy Story movie which scored 100% percent on the Rotten Tomato charts, as well as a 9/10 from IMDB, with Meta Critic giving this one 84% again.
Toy Story 2 actually takes the Number 1 Rated movie in the Pixar universe, with all three cars movies taking the dead last spots for highest rated.

Making her return is Bo Peep, and with a Lara Croft powerful explorer kinda feel.
Also making his Pixar debut is Keanu Reeves who will play Duke Kaboom; someone I am very excited to be introduced to.
Toy Story, as it turns out is the companies most loved franchise, and the projections prove it. They are on track to become the highest grossing animated movie on opening day.
Toy Story 3 takes the number 5 spot, which made $110 Million on its opening weekend. Number one going to The Incredibles 2 with $182 Million opening weekend.
Toy Story 4 is being projected at anywhere between $160 million to $200 million for its debut weekend.





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