Not the sonic we wanted!

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It’s been no secret that (mostly) everyone dislikes the design of Sonic the Hedgehog.

The complaints were too much to handle apparently because now he’s getting a redesign.




It could quite possibly be the first time complaining ever did any good.

After teasing images were shared of the now hated sonic design were published; people were hoping it was all a hoax.

That was definitely not the case.

and to be honest, it all felt wrong to me too.

you take a look and tell me which ones better. I think all agree which one is.


That, needs to be turned into this!

This is more accurate too.



Thank you internet for a much more interesting take on this movie, at least we won’t be jarred by his ridiculous teeth, and fingernails.

It will be interesting to see as the movie itself looks done, but now they have to hurry to redesign the fastest thing alive.

It hits theaters November 8.



Here’s some things about sonic you don’t know.


  • The character is the age of 15 (originally created in 1991)
  • Sonic was born in a place called Christmas island
  • His fastest recorded speed is over Mach 10 at 12,669 km/h (faster than the speed of sound)
  • His fastest theorized speed is over Mach 287 (354,388 km/h)
  • He outran a black hole for 30 seconds
  • for comparison, the fastest man made object would take 9 years to reach Pluto, meanwhile it would only take Sonic 24 hours.


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