Nothing Says “I LOVE YOU” More Than a Beef Jerky Bouquet

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If you’re stuck with what to get your babe for Valentine’s Day, what about a beef jerky bouquet or a “broquet”?  It’ a thing…seriously!

By now you’ve probably heard there’s a shortage of those sweetheart candies for Valentine’s Day, so if that was on your list, scrap that.


Besides, there’s something waaaaay better! Well, way better if your love bug LOVES  beef jerky.

Created by a guy who wanted to give a buddy in the hospital a gift without seeming weird, Say It With Beef is a new line of jerky “broquets” available as either roses or daisies.

Made from more than a half pound of 100% beef jerky, each piece is available in either original, teriyaki, peppered or mixed, and can be delivered in either a mug or pint glass.



It’ll set you back about $35US, but the look on their face will be priceless.


If flowers aren’t your thing, what about one of these?

Nancy Wu, an art student at the ArtCenter college of Design in Pasadena, California created the iconic  Chanel bag out of beef jerky.


And on Etsy, you can find these bad boys


Beef. It’s what’s for Valentine’s Day in 2019.

****Jordan Knight xoxo

Pics courtesy of Inside Hook

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