NYCU: Tuna sales drop, and if you’re a millennial it’s all your fault! (so they say)

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Earlier this month, news outlets reported that sales of canned tuna have plummeted by 40%  and who should we blame…. millennials.  Why?

Can Millennials Open A Can Of Tuna?

The VP of Marketing for StarKist said –  and this is a quote – “a lot of millennials don’t even own can openers and don’t want to go to the trouble of using a can opener”.
Possibly true….but maybe, just maybe tuna sales have dropped because there are a zillion other yummy food choices available. Now I’m not saying tuna is gross, I eat it myself, but I am saying I find it hard to believe tuna sales have dropped in partial because millennials can’t /won’t use a can opener when they’ve mastered the corkscrew.

In any case, Jimmy Kimmel and his staff decided to put the theory to the test by asking millennials to open a can of tuna.  After watching this video, forget eating tuna, I may have to eat my words…lol.

You decide:

***Jordan Knight xoxo

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