Manitoba Mornings with Jordan and Garth

Manitoba Mornings with Jordan and Garth airs every weekday morning from 6am – 10am. Find out the latest and greatest in Manitoba, keep up-to-date with news from Garth Hilderman and groove to the best Country music with Jordan Knight. NCI FM knows how to start your day right – with great prizes, entertainment news, local news and great Country music.

The Stefan Richard Show

The NCI Drive with Stefan Richard hits the airwaves every weekday afternoon from 1pm – 6pm. Stefan keeps your drive home filled with funny stories, hilarious pranks and the best Country music. The NCI Drive keeps your day in the right groove all day with prizes, local news and great Country music. Brought to you by Danny Riddle’s House of Credit at Chudd’s Chrysler and Powesports!

Friends on Friday is a live request show hosted by Jordan Knight with Davey Gott!

The Metis Hour x2 makes your Saturday mornings better. Join Ray St.Germain every weekend for the best two hours of Metis music and entertainment.

Sponsored by the Manitoba Metis Federation

Cree Country is a Cree Language Program Hosted by Davey Gott, airing on NCI FM weekdays from 7p – 8p. Cree Country is proudly sponsored by Me-Dian Credit Union!

Da Minous Music Lodge
is an Ojibway language program hosted by Dennis Chartrand, airing on NCI FM weekdays from 8p – 9p!

Indigenous Music Countdown

Indigenous Music Countdown is a countdown program of the 40 best Indigenous Artists, airing every Saturday at 2pm with a re-run on Sundays at 2pm. You Can find the Indigenous Music Countdown on our website, Facebook, or listen to shows you may have missed on our Soundcloud, brought to you by APTN!

Check out the new IMC website by clicking the link below!