Out of all the ridiculous things you can be fined for while in your vehicle.

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Once upon a time one of the most ridiculous thing you could be fined for while driving, was the fact that you were not able to drive without proper footwear; meaning you couldn’t drive barefoot or with flip flops.
But now? Well, its for leaving imprints in snow with your parked vehicle.
A Tennessee woman found out the hard way after she received a $100 fine for leaving an imprint in the snow.
What was the imprint you may ask? well I’ll let the picture speak for itself:

Shortly after leaving her parked spot, she recieved an e-mail from the Home Owners Association stating that she was being fined for “something”
After some back and forth E-mails, it was revealed that it was in fact the imprint she left behind is what she was being fined for.

Flabbergasted at the thought she went into action to fight against it, needless to say she won as this is just all around a ridiculous thing to be fined for.

It’s not like she did it on purpose or anything, the small town where the car owner lives just received a thin layer of fresh snow, that’s all.
So far the woman is the only one to report having being fined for this ridiculousness, but in good spirit the H.O.A has dropped the charge.

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