Petition for Cree Barbie

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Local Film-Maker Sonya Ballantyne who is one of sixty, to be named as one of Mattel’s Role Models, has been inspired to petition Barbie to model a doll after the Cree people. Since the announcement she has been approached by several people asking where they can get a “Cree native Barbie”.

Sonya is from Misipawistik Cree Nation (Grand Rapids, MB), and continues to make strides for more inclusiveness and positive representation in the media world.

The petition needs 1500 signatures to move on to the next process and is already a third of the way there. She Says that growing up there wasn’t that much people on TV or in the media that looked like her and she’s aiming to change that.

With the recent release of Kerri berry Lynn, an illustrated children’s book, She definitely is a role model to watch out for.

To help support Sonya, click the link and give your virtual signature.

Picture source: NSI-Canada


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