Province Releases Plan to Modernize South Perimeter

 In NCI News

If all goes according to plan, the south perimeter highway will no longer have train crossings or traffic lights.

The Manitoba government began looking at ways to modernize Highway 100 back in 2017.  Today, the report from several round of consultation is out.

Key to the plan is expanding the roadway, ultimately up to six lanes of traffic in each direction and removing crossing that currently stop traffic.

As of today, there are 22 different locations where traffic could come to a standstill on the south perimeter.

The province says today’s plan would accommodate anticipated traffic levels for decades to come.

Work to modernize the corridor that goes from Portage Avenue to Fermor Avenue has already begun, with a project already underway at the Brady service road.

Later this year, crews will begin work on a West Perimeter Highway service road from Wilkes Avenue to Oakland Road.

Projects slated to begin next year include the service road at Aimes Road and Melnick Road and a new interchange at St. Mary’s Road.

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