Rare Indigenous Martial Arts Workshop

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Now recognized as Canada’s only original¬† Martial Arts.

Born from the Plains Cree, and the Assiniboine peoples; the art has been revived through research and consultations with first nations elders.

It’s based on the seven Grandfather teachings of love, respect, humility, honesty, wisdom, bravery and truth.

The purpose of Okitchitaw is to develop the physical and mental strength of its students — male and female, young and old– by the renunciation of unnecessary violence.
taught also will be the use of the traditional weapons of that time, which were a tomahawk and war-club.


Training lodges are in Ontario, but this is the first time a seminar is to be held in Winnipeg.

Free to low income families, otherwise a donation is encouraged the range of $10 to $40 dollars.

It happens at the Sargent Tommy Prince Community Centre Nov 23rd 1 p.m to 4 p.m

Find all the info here at their website okichitaw.com



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