Real Life Super Human Abilities

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In this day and age, heroes are all the rage. There’s so many heroes since the beginning of time, but I don’t think anyone could have came up with these abilities that are in fact very real.

Take for instance, Joy Milne
She can literally smell Parkinson’s Disease.
Joy reports having her husband of over ten years as having a unique smell that no-one else was able to catch the scent of.
After a decade obliviousness to her ability. It was only when she was attending a meeting for Parkinson’s, when she was overwhelmed by the smell, and realized it was the disease she had been smelling.
Joy did go on to have this tested and observed to which it was in fact a very real ability for her to smell the disease. She was given six shirts with a few of them being from patients diagnosed with the Parkinson’s disease. She correctly identified the correct ones. It was later revealed there was one shirt with the scent, but the patient it belonged to didn’t have the disease at the time, but later developed it eight months later.

That one was really unexpected but this one already exists in the comic world, super human endurance.

An example of this would be Dean Karnazes
This guy can run for long periods of time and never become exhausted.
Dean had been running around for a while already before he came under radar for his ability.
When he was discovered, tests were immediately done and the results showed that in fact, he has a rare physiology. The study showed that Dean has more blood cells in his system compared to the regular number of cells.
This allows his muscles to stay hydrated for longer periods while also giving it the ability to take less wear over time.

What list of powers would be complete without invulnerability (or atleast indestructable bones).

This brings us to a man named John. Now, John went through the motions of getting tested and all that, but he decided he wanted to remain anonymous.
The findings of his story are regarded among the medical community as a
medical miracle.
John, was in a very serious car accident, but John came out completely unharmed. Doctors had to make sure he was ok, so they did x-rays. and what they found was that his bone density was 8 times more thicker than that of a regular bone density.
Later it was discovered that he wasn’t the only one with a thicker bone density, but others too had the same situation, and in a bizarre turn of events, it turns out that the people with the thicker bones were all related in one way or another.

super humans man…. they exist.



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