Roll up the rim to win nowhere to be found!

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It’s always here by this time. Your chances to win with a hot beverage.


Tim Horton’s faced a sales slump in 2019, it was very evident after the announcement early last year to reinforce its Canadian roots and heritage.


That announcement included a promise to refresh and digitize the roll up the rim sweepstakes, so only time will tell if this in fact the truth.

With it being such a big company, still no word coming out, almost as if to try build the anticipation.

Another factor with their slump is believed to be how they are portrayed in the minds of Canadians.

This was fueled recently with the Canadian Prime Minister choosing to go with “Oh Donuts” a local franchise

This being a wake up call to Tim Horton’s that Canadians no longer think of them as a local franchise.

Their train of thought being basically that, even though we’re a big chain, we’re still local family owned franchises equal to those who are not part of a chain.

This whole situation too began in 2014 when the Tim Horton’s brand merged with Burger King.
To a lot of Canadians who were aware of this merger; they were very vocal about how the Canadian roots were voided by that action.



It was in 2018, as well when the Tim Horton’s brand dropped to number 67 from 13 on the list of most reputable companies in Canada.
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