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Words in Winter.

Winter snow blankets the frozen earth.  This past year has felt the weight – known the feeling of being muffled and pressed down.  It is the time of storytelling; this is the time for taking back our words and instead of being weighed down by a heavy blanket, to be wrapped in it, warmed beneath it, and to be enveloped.

Words are Life – Food – Medicine. 

Words Tell our Past and Shape our Next Generation

The stories of our past are shared from older to younger and back again like a communal cup of life.  We have a past and it matters.  My story matters and so does the story of my ancestors.  Children in 2021 so often are feeling out of place and disconnected.  They are unsure where they fit and how to relate to the world around them. 

Studies have shown that children who are connected to their family’s past and feel they are a part of a wider family group are more likely to achieve emotional and mental wellness.1 We are part of this world in a never-ending chain, and our stories bring connection.  Our stories can provide a place to exist and give our children and grandchildren a sense of belonging.  They need our stories like food; sustenance for their souls.

“Watch what you say, words are medicine,”

This is an old saying, and one we should well remember.  Many cultures, religions, and worldviews share this valuable teaching.  Our words have the power to be a healing balm or a painful weapon.  The thoughts we harbor and the words we speak shape who we are and leave indelible markings on those around us.  Our stories bring life, teach lessons, and encourage compassion.

Sharing our experiences and stories bring healing to our hearts and minds and help us to feel less alone.  Everyone can share.  Children can tell their stories of today and grandparents can share their stories of the past and ancestors.  Our stories bring us together around the circle connecting old to young and everyone in between; they nourish heart, mind, body, and spirit. 2

Fireside Stories in Covid-19

The heaviness of the winter presses down and our stories – our words – have the power to change its heaviness to comfort.  Over this winter we have felt not only the natural pressures of winter, but the added isolation of Covid-19 distancing.  Our gatherings are small and out of doors.  It seems the perfect time for a fire and for storytellers to gather their families in small groups.  We need to share our stories more than ever; we need each other and the healing power of words and a shared history. 


As you gather at this time,

though your groups be small

to preserve the health of all,

know that your stories are

life itself to those who hear.


If you, or someone you love, is feeling hopeless and overwhelmed, unable to manage with life’s tasks, has lost interest in life, or needs someone to talk to please contact your healthcare provider or contact for a quick and convenient medical appointment.  

There is hope – and life is worth living!




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