Shoes of the future

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Navigating the world of shoes can be quite the tedious task, especially since there’s literally thousands of different styles you can choose from.
In this world of shoes, Nike continues to be a pioneer, as a new shoe aims to have a perfect fit every time.
The latest line from the Nike is set to be released in February.

Getting the right fit with shoes has always been a real challenge, but now Nike believes they have solved that problem.
During any professional sports game; the foot will contract and expand leaving the perfect fit up in the air, but now the Nike Adapt fitted with motors and sensors will give you fully automated control over the overall fit of the shoe.

Control the fit Via The Nike Adapt app on a smartphone which allows you to control the invisible power lacing technology, otherwise just use the buttons shown below.

The shoe continues to be tested and updated through a gauntlet of tests from athletes at the highest level, and is still yet to get their stamp of approval.

I think this just might be the most sexiest shoe I have ever laid my eyes on


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