Shopping Bag Challenge

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Just when you thought we had reached peak Instagram fashion madness, oh there’s more.¬† Are you bored enough to turn a shopping bag into a dress?Well if you’re not, there are some folks who are!

The quarantine has got us doing some crazy things these days. The past couple months we’ve seen the #pillowchallenge and the #duvetchallenge

Well that’s sooooo 2 months ago, move over because we now have the #shoppingbagchallenge.

It’s exactly what you are thinking, based on the two previous examples.¬†Participants are styling their shopping bags into garments.

Now, this would be level one in the challenge, taking the more obvious route, just hanging the bag handles around their necks.

But, others are making some very elaborate, realistic outfits out of their bags


Maybe you’re getting married and need Bridesmaids dresses?

Staying in for a “Girl’s Night Out” with a Zoom party, and need a dress?


Like it or not, this one gives a new meaning to the term bag lady!


****Jordan Knight xoxo



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