Silly thoughts of the day

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Pets are always a good source of humor. Let’s explore.


Dogs; when we take them out, it’s mostly for walks or play.
So, what if they think that every time we leave, we’re just going out to play and have fun.
That would make them sad right? It’s probably why they always are so happy to see us.



Part of me always gets sad when I realize I’ll never know what my pet named me.



Chances are, you probably think your pet is cute. Well I’ve got news for you. They probably think you’re cute too.

Another thing, they probably don’t know we’re the ones that are controlling the vehicle.

Snowballing here… I wonder if they think we have the power of light. Since we power lights on using switches….



You know how pet dogs like to shout at mail men as well?
Well as far as they’re concerned their barking is working at keeping them away.
They could always be noticing too that they’re delivering bills, and bills make us sad.


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