Slurpee Deliveries are now a thing

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Uber Eats; a food delivery company similar to Skip The Dishes, is now taking on the service of delivering Seven Eleven food to you.

The company which got its start late last year is starting to get some real traction, especially since they’re playing on the fact that we are the Slurpee capital of the world nineteen years running.

The Uber eats app will deliver anything that the 7/11 chain offers, from gum to taquitos.
This includes the choice to mix up to 6 different flavors for your delivered slurpee.

So far only two locations are doing the whole delivery thing. The first on McPhillips st, and the second in the Osborne area.
The company says you will be able to order anywhere from within the city, but the price will change based on how far you are from those two locations.

It seems these days, if you touch your phone in a specific way, you can make almost anything show up at your doorstep.


While writing this I decided to see if they deliver slurpees in other cities, which I’m pretty sure they do, and I came across slurpees delivered by drones.




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