Some Canadian stuff to shake your head at

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Canada is responsible for such things as Penicillin, The robot arm on the space station, and even Superman. However as cool as those are, some of the things we’ve also made, are things to shake your head at. 

Take for instance a by law in Etobicoke, Ontario.
– It is illegal to have more than three and half inches of water in your bathtub.
Apparently its in an effort to reduce drownings in bathtubs…
The real question though is how do they prove this law?

Another law for ALL CANADIANS
-It is illegal to remove a band-aid in public.
This one has to do with sanitary reasons….
I don’t think too many Canadians actually know of this, so your off the hook.. but anymore since you know now.

In Alberta,
-It is illegal to paint a wooden ladder
This is so that people can see the condition of said “wooden” ladder.


Another in Toronto, Ontario says no swearing.
-While in a park, no person shall indulge in riotous, boisterous, violent, threatening, or illegal conduct or use profane or abusive language.
There’s a time and place for everything…. do that, there, and you could face fines up to $200.



In the capitol city of Ottawa
-It is illegal to ride a bike with your feet off the pedals.


And finally for all Canadians
-It is illegal to scare the Queen.
More accurately described as “does an act with intent to alarm Her Majesty or to break the public peace”.
This one is taken very seriously and could land you 14 years in jail.

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