Story time with the Kookoms & Chooms of Manitoba

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Stories about the various histories of First Nations lands, and the lifestyles that were prevalent in the 1940’s to early 1990’s.

All tapes and videos recorded in the late 80’s to early 90’s.

Once you start, its hard to stop!

The stories are cute, to intriguing, to just making your eyes wide open.

The stories come in many forms but all are mostly done in Indigenous languages.

For convenience to the non indigenous speaking; the videos are divided into playlists within the channel.

A playlist for subtitled Videos, and a playlist for non-subtitled videos.


Find stories about:

  • Histories about the lands and its development into modern communities
  • Roles of women
  • Roles of Men
  • Styles of Hunting/Fishing/Trapping not used today
  • Extreme hardships of living off the land
  • Midwifery and the extreme no rest lifestyle of child birthing women
  • Major differences about the type of healing from traditional to modern
  • Living without modern services ( Family Allowance, Welfare, Health Care)
  • The introduction of the Hudson Bay Company
  • How youth were raised (disciplinary measures, and the roles of the kids according to their age)
  • & Stories of Wesakechak


Elders from:

  • Gods river
  • St Theresa point
  • Easterville
  • Opaskwayak
  • Brochet
  • Lac Brochet
  • Thompson
  • Thicket Portage
  • South Indian Lake
  • Fort Alexander
  • Cross Lake
  • Split lake
  • Berens River
  • Pelican Narrows
  • Shoal River
  • Cumberland House
  • Grand Rapids
  • Hollow Water
  • Swan Lake
  • FairFord
  • Norway House
  • Nelson House


For example:
Rosie Dumas of South Indian Lake tells about her experiences as a mother, raising 17 children in a time before modern amenities.
The differences in a children’s upbringing in her generation as opposed to the youth of her elder years, as well as the roles of the parents.
Rosie also shares about the harsh labors of living off the rich land, hunting and fishing.




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