Terry Crews in an Oldie but a goodie

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Playing approximately 12 instruments using only his muscles; is there nothing this man can do?

I counted the sensors at twenty.

Which means he’s effectively playing 20 different sounds at once.

Seen below is the most accurate to the commercial I found. The original was deleted with the feature of actually playing his muscles.
(At the end of the video you may notice he tells you to play his muscles using your keyboard.)

Released back in 2012 and following the guy you most remember from the old spice commercials. “the guy your guy could smell like”
If you have no idea what any of this is, you’re in for a treat.





Bonus: More Terry Crews Commercials

(Warning: He Screams A Lot)



These ridiculous commercials were probably inspired by his earlier work as Latrell in the film “White Chicks” which meant that at some point in time, he did this:








If you’ve made it this far that means you like Terry Crews.

This whole blog started because he just appeared in the trending section of Youtube.

He lip syncs this feel good tune, that just hits home.
That first line hit and I knew I was hooked.

So here you go: Wholesomeness in musical form:


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