The biggest and best April 1st pranks

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APRIL 1,1957 –
-BBC television company announces live on air that Swiss farmers are enjoying their Spaghetti crops. This accompanied by footage of people pulling on spaghetti strings.
After the broadcast, untold number of people phoned in asking how they could grow their own spaghetti tree. Keeping the prank going they responded by saying
“Place a sprig of spaghetti in a tin of tomato sauce and hope for the best”
Later on it was revealed that even the Director of the BBC had in fact checked an Encyclopedia to see how Spaghetti was grown. At the time of the broadcast no info was available to how spaghetti was actually made.

April 1, 1962
– A Sweden television company announces a new technology that turns existing black and white tv’s into colored screens. 
The major TV Company (Sveriges Television) brought on a technical Engineer to say that all you have to do is put a nylon stocking over your T.V.
Stories are still told of dads running everywhere trying to find stockings.
the announcement was demonstrated as well.
Actual color tv broadcasts weren’t introduced until eight years later in 1970.




April 1,1974

Alaska panics, as nearby dormant volcano emits smoke.
Porky bickar of Sitka, is the Towns practical joker and pulled the ultimate one.  Porku had flown hundred of tires into the crater to light them on fire to give the illusion as if the volcano was going to erupt.
very evidently he succeeded as calls flooded into the national guard, who than sent a chopper to investigate.
They in fact found the stack of tires, with big spray painted letters beside it saying “april fool”


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