The Centre Of Canada

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Dubbed as the Longitudal Centre of Canada; this adventure is not even that far away.

Travel on the Trans-Canada Highway East for a good thirty minutes or so, and you will find a big ol’ sign saying the Centre Of Canada.
It should be noted however that this is not the ACTUAL Centre Of Canada, only the Longitudinal centre.
(Longitude can be described as imaginary lines on the globe that run East to west.)

Perfect for a little road trip if your looking to do some sight seeing, whether your from right here in Winnipeg, or just from anywhere basically, its a sight to behold and bragging rights if your into that sort of thing. There’s even a big sign beside the main one, that has a white backing in which you can write your name on. I got the chance to do that, and I found names from all over the world, including Pukutawagon.

Also if you got extra time on your hands, not too far away is The Worlds Largest Coke Can.

This giant stands in Portage La Prairie, which is an hour drive from Winnipeg.

PHOTO SOURCE: [Centre of and Roadside

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