The good ol’ days… (but were they really?)

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Brace yourselves; compiled here, is a list of why I question the validity of the statement “The Good Ol’ Days”

It is the 1920’s and you are tired of waiting for your hair to dry. This is what resulted:


Around that time too, there was no effective way of toasting your bread. Turns out sliced bread was not a thing yet until 1928.




The world too than as they knew it had no sound in their films. It wasn’t until 1927, the first movie with sound came out.


Ok, if that’s not enough to convince you it might not have been the best of times than this definitely will.
Kellogg’s literally only had one flavor! I’m not even sure this is a flavor….

Cheerios wouldn’t be introduced until 1940, and Frosted flakes until 1950.

[IMAGESOURCE: Glogster, Gajits, Wired, Roybeaird]
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