The Human Limit

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Explore The human limit with these questions and more;
How Smart? How Fast? How Tall? How old? How heavy?


The limit of Intelligence

-IQ: is Defined as Intelligence Quotient. It helps find a humans Cognitive abilities.
With the average human scoring at 100; a score of 130 or higher indicates exceptional intelligence, while a score of 70 or lower indicated child like intelligence.
The highest recorded IQ is 210 and is held by Kim Ung-Yong a South Korean Professor. This dude started University at age 4 and graduated at age 15.

Just how Fast can one be?

-10.56 meters per second
Coupled with speed records dating back to the 1920’s it is theorized that humans fast limit is actually a tenth of a second faster than Olympian Usain Bolts record. Fastest attained land speed by a human is held by the same person with a top speed of 44 km/h.


Height Limit

-8 feet 11 inches
The tallest ever recorded guy was still growing at the time of his passing.
Robert Wadlow only lived to the age of 22 and was alive from 1918 to 1940.
His shoe size was 37AA



Just how old can one get?

-122 years
Held by  Jeanne Calment of France.


What is Heaviest one can be?

-1400 pounds
This number is only guessed at, as the human who did average around that weight couldn’t even be put on a scale. His name is Jon Brower Minnoch  and was weighed in 1978.


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