Mickey Mouse has now consumed the Fox network!

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Its been no secret over the last while of time that Disney was looking to acquire the rights to 20th Century Fox’s franchises.

Disney studios announced today that just after midnight tonight, at 12:02 on March 20th, the deal will be finalized. That means 20th Century Fox is now a Disney world.

After Comcast (parent company of NBC) made an offer of 65 billion last June, Disney counter offered with 71.3 billion and won out.

This now makes Disney the most powerful film company in Hollywood, with a reach never seen before by the likes of… well everybody basically.

20th Century Fox’s sister companies were not included in the deal which was Fox news, and Fox sports. Those companies will now re-surface as their own individual companies after a re-branding process has been finalized.

Disney already controlling the most massive of franchises like Star wars and Marvel, now have complete control over such franchises such as:

  • Planet of the apes
  • Avatar
  • Aliens
  • Kingsman
  • X-men
  •  the Fantastic Four
  • but most importantly DEADPOOL

There’s no word yet of how Marvel will be incorporating their new found rights into the their Marvel Cinematic Universe, but its also hard to tell if he will make an appearance at all, this due to DeadPool hanging out on the R-rated side of things.

The Franchise list is Staggering

  • Lucas Film ( the star wars series)
  • Pixar ( every cartoon ever that made you cry)
  • Marvel studios (Iron man, Captain America, Black Panther)
  • Walt Disney Pictures ( JungleBook, Pirates of the Caribbean)
  • Walt Disney Animation Studios (Frozen, Mickey Mouse)
  • And now fox (x-men, Fantastic Four, DeadPool)

In terms of new T.V shows acquired?

  • Family Guy
  • Prison Break
  • Archer, American Crime Story
  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  • American Horror Story
  • Sons of Anarchy
  •  The Americans and much more



Not all news on this is good though, as an estimated four thousand people are set to be laid off as there are redundancies in their current system.



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