The nuttiest of news!

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Every weekday on the MidDayShow during the lunch hour, I share with you something I’ve come to call the Nutty News Report.

It’s ridiculous news articles from around the world.
A lot of the times I’ve come across stories that are crazy nutty, but too old to share.

So, I thought I’d share with you here, some of those nutty headlines. Keep in mind these are all actual.

Arizona man arrested after shooting at the moon: high on Marijuana”



“Arkansas Woman steals $144 dollars worth of make up, wears it all at the same time”



“Orlando Gun Range allows customers to shoot at each other”



“robber wears underwear on head during Idaho burglary”



“woman missing since she got lost”



and finally something that makes atleast a little sense:“Man pulls knife on brother for eating too many PB&J sandwiches” okay maybe not…



“man breaks into home to lick remote control”



And then finally “Oklahoma man gets 30 years for fatal “atomic wedgie””



So there ya go, a whole lotta stuggats.
(F.Y.I stuggats is the Cree way of saying holleeee)

[IMAGE SOURCE:TwentyTwoWords,Facebook]



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