The Pixar Cinematic Universe!

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Maybe you knew, maybe you didn’t!
But if you didn’t know, now your going to know.
Pixar movies all happen in the same universe!
(just different timelines)


  • pre-history – The good Dinosaur
    – Animals from this period appear as the Angler Fish in Finding Nemo, and the Weird bird named Kevin from Up.


  • 10th Century –  Brave
    -A new theory says that the Witch within Brave  is actually Boo from Monsters inc. and that she found the power of the will of the wisps and uses it to travel to different timelines and drops the Easter eggs that everyone sees as she can’t control which timeline she actually goes to.


  • 1950 -1960 – The Incredibles 1 & 2
    -Supers are born into this timeline and are eventually killed off by the invention of Syndromes  highly intelligent A.I robots
    -Eventually the zero point energy created by syndrome is leaked into toys


  • 1996-1999 -Toy Story 1 & 2
    – We start to see the effects of toys absorbing the zero point energy; they come to life.
    – They develop a set of rules to live within


  • 2003 – Finding Nemo & Finding Dory
    – the zero point energy which gave supers their powers and toys new life, is now leaking into the ocean to give fish human like qualities.


  • 2007 – Ratatouille
    – the zero point energy now gives animals intelligence such as small rodents.


  • 2010 – Toy Story 3
  • – The toys grow with resentment towards humanity for toy abuse, and pollution.


  • 2015- Inside Out
    -Here we learn that species have emotion that run in the head
    – Bing Bong which is her representation of a imaginary monster that would visit her to occasionally make her laugh. which was the plot line of monsters inc. (laughter is more powerful than fear). An idea that is explored in inside out, as a child, laughter is more prominent than when your an adult and fear has just as much prominence as happiness.


  • 2015 – Up
    -In This movie, the company that polluted earth in WALL-E  attempts at repossessing carl’s house as they expand the city.
    Carl learns of animals intelligence and creates a technology that allows dogs to talk.


  • 2017 – coco
    -In Coco, we see that if someone is forgotten they fade. Just like Bing Bong’s death in Inside Out because there were no memory orbs left of him. The deaths of the characters even looked similar.


  • 2100- Cars
    A hundred years have passed since animals gained intelligence and took the humans to war over pollution and lost. The machines used their intelligence to help humans win the war, but over polluted and so the humans (unseen on camera) have been sent up in space while machines take over and clean up the planet.


  • 2200- Cars 2 & 3
    -cars now experience a energy crisis, caused by the company allinol who stemmed from BUY N LARGE to avert people from using green energy. Also, the town from Coco is seen briefly on a computer screen in Cars 3.


  • 2800- Wall-E
    – Wall -E survives because of his fascination with human culture, and his friendship with a cockroach.
    He ends up finding a plant which means the planet is now suitable for human habitation.


  • 2898 – A bugs life
    -Bugs Begin life as intelligent beings with mutated and enhanced abilities beyond normal circumstances.
    bugs don’t care for humans as there isn’t enough of them to pose a threat.
    As it turns out, the giant tree of life seen in A bugs life is the result of the planting of the leaf which Wall-E had brought back generations ago.


  • 4500- monsters university
    Hundred of years of pollution and radiation caused surviving animals to mutate into monsters, who eventually accidentally wipe out humans off the face of the earth. They use doors to travel back in time to get scream energy off humans, at the same time having a rule for not touching humans because their highly toxic, when in reality, it could set off a butterfly effect that would change the past, present, and future.


  • 4500-5000 Monsters Inc.
    -Sully fails at staying hidden from one of the kids he visits,
    this suggests that everything he was taught is wrong.closing thoughts**
    Turns out Boo remembered Sulley and dedicated her life to finding out where that universe was.
    She eventually finds out that wood is the source of the magic, a.k.a travelling doors.
    She uses this technology to travel back in time with no control over which timeline she’s visiting, so it is in fact her leaving every easter egg you see in every movie.
    This theory supported by the fact that the witch in Brave, uses wood as magic and went back to the one true source of all magic, which is the will of the wisps.Just deadly*[IMAGESOURCE:PixarTheory]


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